We are pleased to inform all our clients and partners that due to inspired intellectual and creative activity of the whole our staff our company has successfully implemented several innovative projects and serial production of three new devices has been started. All novelties satisfy the principle "High-quality EEG recording and freedom of movement" and slogan about continuation of wireless revolution in medical instrument engineering.

Cerebral Functions Monitor "Encephalan-CFM" is the first registered home device meant for long-term EEG monitoring using the effective analysis method of amplitude integrated EEG (aEEG). Device allows recording several additional indices and ensures EEG-videomonitoring. CF Monitor can be used in perinatal centers and other medical institutions, in intensive care units for timely detection of cerebral damages of newborn and adult patients with different long-term unconsciousness neurologic states.

System for objective psychophysiological analysis and testing "Egoscop" is now an independent system, consisted of wireless device for record of physiological parameters, accessories and sensors, touchpad, PC and software set. The innovative method of psychological and psychophysiological testing and analysis used in "Egoscop" is protected with patents for invention.

Psychophysiological Telemetric System "Rehacor-T" is a multifunctional device based on wireless recording unit and meant for realization of autoregulation training methods, carrying out of health-improving and rehabilitation procedures based on biological feedback (BFB-training) to increase patient's stress resistance, for drug-free restoring of defective functions, for improving of nervous regulation in various diseases, phobias, pathological states and addictions, for forming necessary psychophysiological status of sportsmen and stress-professionals and for personal self-improvement. Such opportunities as psychophysiological monitoring of sportsmen during the training and polysomnographical screening of cardiorespiratory and neurological sleep disturbances are ensured due to increased number of recorded indices in free movements.

All new devices were tested clinically and technically and registered by Roszravnadzor and have required registration certificates inclusive of European ones.

The most important achievement of the year 2010 is the reorganization of software for EEG studies "Encephalan" using the modern RibbonUI interface, convenience and advantages of which have been recognized and highly appreciated by our users.

We hope, all these achievements can improve the level of our health care and be used for good of nation health!!!


Russian Health Care Week took place from 6th to 10th in Moscow.

This year our company as always demonstrated all our products in real operation mode. Biopotentials of our brave specialists from commercial (Melnikova A.G.), methodical (Ivanov A.I.) and service (Kostenko A.U.) departments were used for demonstration of wireless EEG-recorders.

Participants of international scientific conference "SportMed-2010", discussing the questions of sport of records medicine development, paid much attention to rehabilitation systems ("Rehacor" family). The doctor of higher category, consultant of methodical ware department Ponomareva Elena Stanislavovna represented the neuromyoanalyzer "Neuromyan", improved system for polysomnographic studies "Encephalan-PSG" and complete variety of functional capabilities of SW Cerebral Functions Monitor "Encephalan-CFM", which was in great demand.

The 20th anniversary international exhibition "Zdravookhranenie-2010" united several medical events which were attended by big number of participants and opened up opportunities for direct communication and sharing of experience.

Opening of Russian Health Care Week Prof. Gnezditsky viewing new developments by Medicom MTD Demonstration of medical equipment Medicom MTD

Opening of Russian
Health Care Week

Prof. Gnezditsky viewing
new developments
by Medicom MTD

Demonstration of medical equipment Medicom MTD

The visitor from All-Russian Research Institute of Medical Technology Nizhametdinov R.H. Spontaneous myographic seminar and presentation of EMG atlas by Nikolaev S.G. Medicom MTD Stand

The visitor from All-Russian Research Institute of Medical Technology Nizhametdinov R.H.

Spontaneous myographic seminar and presentation of EMG atlas
by Nikolaev S.G.

Medicom MTD Stand

International exhibition "MEDICA 2010"

From November, 17th till November, 20th the larges international exhibition of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products «MEDICA 2010» took place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Our company represented the newest developments, appeared during the past year, and also demonstrated the full range of our products to foreign partners and customers.

This year our company had a unique opportunity to exhibit our developments at two stands, due to participation in the unified national Russian exposition (Hall 17 Stand A3), which was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation RF Government Decree № 2117-p.


For the first time we presented the Cerebral Function Monitor "Encephalan-CFM" to our customers, pointing out the advantages of long-term monitoring and dynamic analysis of brain electrical activity.

Besides, psychophysiological telemetric system "Rehacor-T" and system for objective psychophysiological analysis and testing "Egoscop"were also paid grate attention. Visitors had an opportunity to participate in studies as patients or researchers, evaluate the benefits of unique method of Egoscopy and learn at first hand the effectiveness of BFB-training procedures.

The Minister of RF Industry and Trade V. Christenko met with leaders of Russian industrial manufacturers of medical equipment during the exhibition representing the strategic project of development of medical industry till 2020. The Minister outlined the basic conditions of accelerated development of the industry sector and planned trends of state supply.

9th European Congress on Epileptology

9th European Congress on Epileptology International League Against Epilepsy

From June, 27th till July,1st the 9th European Congress on Epileptology took place on Rhodes, Greece.

The 9th European Congress on Epileptology aimed to reflect the current momentum in epileptology created by the challenge to translate the recent advances in basic neuroscience research, the emerging pathophysiology concepts and the powerful new diagnostic tools (from molecular probes to non-invasive brain imaging) into better epilepsy patient care.

Our company took part in the congress to demonstrate our best equipment for neurophysiology and epileptology - portable electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan-EEGR-19/26" with option of EEG-Videomonitoring.

The official congress web-site

Congress on Epileptology Congress on Epileptology Congress on Epileptology
Congress on Epileptology Congress on Epileptology Congress on Epileptology

International Show on Health and Medical Equipment SISDAK 2010

From 20th to 23rd of May in Dakar, Senegal, took place the second International Show on Health and Medical Equipment SISDAK 2010 co-organized by the Centre International du Commerce exterieur du Senegal (CICES) and the Ministry of Health and Public Care.

Medicom MTD production - portable electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan-EEGR-19/26" was presented by our partners, the company Nazounki Medicl in the person of its director Dr Sayave Gnoumou and its technical specialist Jean-Luc Rebiere.

Senegal Healthcare Minister Excellence Monsieur Modou Diagne FADA visiting the stand of our partners (on the left photo).

Senegal Healthcare Minister Excellence Monsieur Modou Diagne FADA visiting the stand of our partners SISDAK 2010


Institute of Biomedical Problems MARS-500

In the beginning of the 3rd millennium the world community shows increased interest to Mars, and it happens not accidentally - as compared to the majority of the rest planets of the solar system (sizzling heat on Venus, deadly cold on Titan) conditions on Mars are more suitable for its exploration. Moreover, on Earth there are sand and Arctic deserts, where environmental conditions are very similar to Martian ones. And it means that people are able not only to land on the neighboring planet, but also to colonize it in the foreseeable future.

But first, before it happens, it is necessary to give answers to new questions, which are put forward by such interplanetary expedition to manned cosmonautics - it differs greatly from an orbital flight of comparable duration (1.5 - 2 years).

The Russian project "Mars-500" will be able to answer some of these questions. This experiment is a part of the federal space program and it presupposes conduction of the experiment on simulation of a manned flight to the Red planet, in which a series of conditions of such expedition will be simulated. This experiment is being conducted by the State scientific center of the Russian Federation - Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of RAS under aegis of Roscosmos and Russian Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the project is investigation of the system "man - environment" and obtaining of experimental data about the state of health and working capacity of the crew staying for a long time in conditions of isolation in hermetically confined environment of limited space during simulation of the main peculiarities of the Martian flight (over-duration, autonomy, changed conditions of communication with Earth - communication delay, limited consumable resources).

Among the tasks of the project is the task to determine whether such a flight is possible from the point of view of psychology and physiology (at the admissible level of simulation) and to work out definite requirements for the real expeditionary spaceship that will fly to Mars.

Text and photos from

Selecting the candidates for participation in experiment, specialists of Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of RAS used our devices: electroencephalograph-analyzer "Encephalan-131-03" with electrode sets "Encephalan-ES" (see the picture).

The crew will take on board of experimental facility our portable wireless electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan-EEGR-19/26" which is very comfortable for EEG record both on Earth and in space due to wireless technology of data transfer (Bluetooth), its reliability, small size and weight.

Medicom MTD Ltd team wishes good luck to the flight crew and all "MARS-500" program participants!

Preparation for EEG record Neurophysiological studies Start line-up

Watch new documentary science movie of BBC!

On 21st of January, 2010, in London, BBC (Horizon) started filming of documentary science movie about talent starring our good partner, famous neurophysiologist, Dr. Ognjen Amidzic, the author of new method of talent evaluation.

His method is based on the theory that talented and average sportsmen use different brain parts in performing the same task.

Many famous people took part in the filming experiment: professor of mathematics of the University Of Oxford Marcus du Sautoy, a grand chess master Simon Williams and ex-junior world champion Stewart Conquest.

For demonstration of his unique method of talent evaluation Dr. Amidzic used our portable electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan-EEGR-19/26" and stationary electroencephalograph-analyzer "Encephalan-EEGA-131-03".


Wed 17 Feb 2010 21:00 GMT BBC Two (except Northern Ireland (Analogue), Wales (Analogue))

Wed 17 Feb 2010 21:00 GMT BBC HD

Mon 22 Feb 2010 00:50 GMT BBC One (except Northern Ireland)

More on BBC site >>>

Science movie of BBC Science movie of BBC


Dubai Dubai Dubai

Dubai is a place where different civilizations, cultures and even centuries meet. Skyscrapers that seem to be rather from some science fiction movie than from 21st century are the neighbors of ancient city the heart of which has always been a bay securely covered by nature from storms and enemies. Today wooden ships - named dhows - touch at this bay as hundred years ago only changed oars and sail to diesel engines, but still carrying goods from all Indian Ocean. The best world architects and engineers design roads, buildings and service lines, while building areas are occupied with Indonesian, Indian and Pakistani workers, who perform salat during mullah's psalms from hundreds of minarets. The English language became intercultural in Dubai long time ago, and now it is used by everyone here to discuss both business and local news.

No wonder that even medical exhibition at such place has its own colouring and atmosphere. European suit here disappears in bright-coloured national costumes, and local communication traditions turn business negotiations into a complicated ritual with great number of niceties.


Our stand, despite of its small dimensions, attracted many visitors from all over the world. Africa, Brazil, Middle East - these are the regions where great number of exhibition visitors from. The Indians, with their ancient culture where meditation and perception alteration are indispensable, were mostly interested in Rehabilitation Psychophysiological System for training with biofeedback "Rehacor", which has now also become wireless. The Iranians and Pakistani searched for functional systems for neuromyography and electroencephalography. Portable wireless 10- and 26-channel electroencephalographs "Encephalan" and polysomnographic systems interested almost every visitor of ours, as much as оriginal caps for EEG registration.


Our company held many fruitful meetings; our ads were taken by many doctors and sales men from all over the world to their countries; some distributor contacts are intended to become continuous business relationships. Our company was positively impressed by the exhibition and now hopes that our products soon will be worldly-known.

Thanks to those who visited our exhibition stand!