Electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26 "Encephalan-131-03"

Registration Certificate of Federal Supervision Service for Healthcare and Social Development #FSR 2008/02717

Electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26-"Encephalan-131-03" is a multichannel (up to 32 channels) medical device intended for EEG studies, studies of long latency (including cognitive) evoked potentials (EP), simultaneous carrying out of EEG and REG (rheoencephalographic) studies (patent of the Russian Federation 2248745), and also for long-term EEG studies with video monitoring in stationary conditions. The additional software, necessary devices and accessories provide possibilities for wide application of Electroencephalograph in clinical practice.

The Electroencephalograph-analyzer can be applied for:

  • Functional EEG/EP studies with multi-channel mapping of brain electric activity, carried out in treatment-and-prophylactic centers (an office of functional diagnostics, neurophysiological laboratory, neurologic branch, etc.) with portable or stationary computer;

  • EEG-studies simultaneously with record and analysis of brain blood circulation (REG), for example, to estimate a role of the vascular factor in paroxysmal activity manifestations in epilepsy (modifications 02, 04, 08 and 10);

  • The long-term synchronized EEG-Video monitoring in a stationary variant for differential diagnostics of epilepsy in neurologic or epileptologic departments of medical institutions;

  • Somnological (PSG) studies mainly as additional at EEG-Video monitoring – provides analysis of sleep phases, automatic building and manual editing of hypnogramms, and also allocation of sleep events and formation of sleep statistic reports, distribution of sleep stages (only for modifications 10 and 11);

  • Neuromonitoring and cerebral functions monitoring in ICU and reanimation;

  • The combined analysis of recorded signals by polygraphic channels and EEG (patent of the Russian Federation 2252692) in stationary conditions, with option of additional psychophysiological and neurophysiological testing and condition training in sports, industrial and departmental medicine and psychophysiology, and also for scientific researches (except for modifications 08 and 09).

This data is of informative character. To form the specific set of equipment for delivery contact the commercial department.

Sales package is formed according to the table below by agreement with the customer.

Modifications of Electroencephalograph

Equipment sets, software and accessories for EEG-videomonitoring and polysomnological (PSG) studies at Customer’s option

Additional software, which extends the functionality of Electroencephalograph

Electrodes and sensors with "DIN (6-contact 270°)” connector for polygraphic channels of EEGA Patient Amplifier, additional devices and accessories

Required computing hardware and office equipment