Neuromyoanalyzer NMA-4-01 "Neuromyan"

European Quality Certificate CE 538571, issued by British Standards Institute (BSI)

Neuromyoanalyzer NMA-4-01 "Neuromyan" comes in two, four and five-channel modifications for electromyographic studies and for studies of evoked potentials (EP). Different combinations of hardware and software with neuromyoanalyzer’s modifications provides different variants of functional capabilities of the device. Analyzer can be used for functional diagnostics, diagnostic centers, neurosurgical clinics, sport medicine and experimental laboratories of scientific-research institutes.

Pattern stimulator, neuromyograph remote control (functional keyboard), footswitch and neuromyograph patient block are wirelessly connected which significantly reduces the number of connectional cables at the working place of neurophysiologist and increases comfort for doctor and patient during the study process.

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Neuromyoanalyzer NMA-4-01 "Neuromyan"

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