Videomonitoring kit for EEG-video and software "Encephalan-Video"

Various equipment manufactured by Medicom MTD Ltd. with kits of video equipment and software "Encephalan-Video" gives an opportunity of quality synchronized record of videodata, electroencephalogram and other physiological parameters.

Indications for continuous video-EEG monitoring for differential epilepsy diagnosis in neurology and for neuromonitoring in intensive care units: ("Video-EEG monitoring in modern diagnosis and monitoring the treatment of epilepsy" Avakyan G., Anisimova A., Ayvazyan S., Generalov V.)

  • Diagnosis of epilepsy and epilepsy syndromes.
  • Idiopathic paroxysmal states, raising suspicion of epilepsy.
  • Drug-resistant seizures (in order to identify pseu­doepileptic paroxysms or specify the form of epilepsy).
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Pharmacological remission (objective statement of remission).
  • Preparation for the abolition of anticonvulsant therapy.
  • Pre-surgical assessment.
  • Subclinical seizures.
  • Progressive cognitive and behavioral disorders in children.
  • First convulsive seizure.

Video-EEG monitoring has no contraindications.

The video equipment kit contains various types of cameras, which form the sales package on customer's request:

  • Stationary Professional
  • Stationary Professional
  • Mobile basic
  • Mobile Basic Advanced
  • Mobile basic low-cost
  • Autonomous